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Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder - Lime Green

Twin Salt & Pepper Grinder - Lime Green


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Whether your kitchen is filled with exotic ingredients and unique spices or you prefer more homely dishes, you won’t get far in any recipe without the basics: salt and pepper. Freshly milled salt and pepper delivers a more intense flavor to enhance the taste of your food, so a good grinder is an essential tool for your kitchen and dining table.

The TWIN salt and pepper grinder combines both spices into one, easy-to-use gadget, saving space in your kitchen cabinets without compromising on quality or flavor. Simply turn left for salt and right for pepper.

The salt and pepper grinder is easy to refill. Adjust the grind to suit your seasoning preferences – a simple twist takes you from fine to coarse – and whatever you’re cooking is sure to be seasoned to perfection.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Combined salt and pepper grinder.
  • Simple to use: simply turn left for salt and right for pepper.
  • Adjust the level of the grind from fine to coarse with a simple twist.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Made from rubber-sprayed plastic, for a non-slip finish
  • Uses premium quality ceramic grinders that maintain their sharpness without absorbing taste or aroma.
  • Transparent chambers so you can see at a glance when the grinder needs refilling.

Use & Care

Lift the grip on top of the grinder to fill the chambers – fill the chamber marked ‘S’ with salt and ‘P’ with pepper, but be careful not to overfill. Tighten the adjustment screws on the bottom to adjust the level of grind. Clean the ceramic grinders occasionally with a brush. Do not put this item in the dishwasher.

Width (cm): 6.8
Height (cm): 11.2
Depth (cm): 6.8
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