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The Gift Registry by Garden Barn, Inc. Housewares
Welcome to The Gift Registry at Garden Barn, Inc. Housewares – your ultimate destination for world-class houseware products that are perfect for celebrating life's special moments. Whether you're newlyweds starting a new life together, celebrating birthdays, cherishing the milestones of anniversaries, or embarking on a housewarming journey, our gift registry is here to make your wishes come true.

At The Gift Registry | Garden Barn, Inc. Housewares, we understand that special occasions deserve exceptional gifts. From stylish kitchen gadgets to elegant dining sets, and tasteful laundry and decor items to luxurious bath essentials, you'll find a wide array of items that cater to your unique preferences.

What makes our gift registry even more special is that it's absolutely free! We believe that every celebrant should have the opportunity to craft a wishlist that aligns with their individual style without incurring additional expenses. Plus, for your guests, we offer discounts on purchases from your registry, ensuring that they can find the perfect gift within their budget while celebrating with you.


The Gift Registry | Garden Barn, Inc. Housewares - Steps Summary

Ready to start your journey with The Gift Registry | Garden Barn, Inc. Housewares? It's as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Create your registry: Download and fill out the registration form here. You (the Celebrant/s) may also view the process overview in the link. Send the form through email to The Gift Registry team will confirm your registration with the Registry ID# and Item List (Google Sheet) template.
    If the attachments are not viewable, kindly email

  2. Choose your items: Once the registration details are confirmed, you may opt to choose the items online ( or request for digital product catalogs of specific brands), or schedule an in-store visit to the Garden Barn, Inc. - Outlet Store (San Juan City). If there are specific item categories (ex.: laundry, wine glasses, bathroom) that the you are interested in, shoot us an email and we will help you curate your wishlist.

    · For online, kindly email the Registry ID#, as well as the request or brand, item code, and quantity so the team may get back to you or check and confirm the product availability. Kindly use the same email address as registered in The Gift Registry.

    · For in-store, visit the Garden Barn, Inc. - Outlet Store (Google Maps or Waze) and our store associates will list down the products the celebrants are interested in.
          Operating Hours: Tue-Sun | 10AM to 6PM
          Viber: 0932 866 6296 | Landline.: 8654 9068

  3. View Item List sheet: Confirmed items and quantities will be reserved for you until the end date of registry. This list will also be placed in the Item List (Google Sheet) which will be viewable to you and the guests. This is also used as monitoring on the items chosen by the guests as gifts.
    Note: Items will be reserved as soon as possible, but there are no guarantees that all items requested will be available by the time of reservation. An updated list of reserved items will be shared to you in a timely manner.

  4. Share the Digital Gift Registry Invitation to your guests: The Gift Registry team will prepare an invitation you can print out or send digitally to your guests. This will contain the general event details, access to the Item List (Google Sheet), and instructions for purchase.

  5. Items will be delivered to you: The items purchased by your guests may be sent by themselves or through The Gift Registry team. For gifts sent through the team, we will gift-wrap your items and deliver them to your home (within Metro Manila; address specified in the registration form) within 10 days from last day of gift acceptance.

We're excited to be a part of this milestone in your life! 

Feel free to email us at for any inquiries.