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Zwiesel Glas

Time For Gin Tonic Set (Set of 2)

Time For Gin Tonic Set (Set of 2)


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Gin & Tonic is and will always be the undisputed on-trend drink. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to sheer drinking pleasure. But even the most unusual creations and the delicate aromas of this spirit can only develop their full potential in the right Gin & Tonic glass. The 'Time for Gin & Tonic' set from Schott Zwiesel will delight any lover of gin. The unique shape of these glasses heightens enjoyment while underlining the individual personality behind this drink.

Capacity: 548mL
Range: Viña

Beverages: Sangria, Cocktails, Gin and tonic, Aperol Spritz, Hugo, Long drinks, Soft drinks, Spritz, Lillet Wild Berry, Limoncello Spritz

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