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Autoplus Air Sterilizer

Autoplus Air Sterilizer


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Sterilizing your air and surfaces in your car, providing protection for you and your loved ones while on the move.

Suitable for vehicles using 12V car battery.

Protection on the move. As Active Oxygen fills up your driving space, it sterilizes your air and especially the surfaces – eliminating allergens, bad odours, bacteria, viruses, moulds and pollution on the seats, dashboard and carpets.

Suitable for Vehicles using 12V car battery
Power Consumption 3 watts
Settings Off/Low/High
Dimension (cm) 16.5(w) x 4.1(d) x 3.1(h)
Weight 83 grams
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 °C
Power Connection Lighter Socket (Input: 12 VDC)
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